Your FREE #trainanywhere Boot Camp


This 28 day boot camp is designed to take the guess-work out of what to do. Each workout is designed to be completed in less then 20 minutes.

Step 1: Warm Up
Step 2:
Pick your workout
Step 3:
Watch the video explanation
Step 4:
Step 5:
Share your results


Step 1 - Warm Up

Spend 5-20 minutes warming up. Make your own or use a suggested one.

2 rounds of :30 of:

Jumping Jacks

mountain climbers

Pushups on Knees

2 rounds of:

10 Lunge + Reach up

10 squat + hold 2 sec

3 walkout Lunge + reach right & left

Step 2 & 3 - Pick a workout and watch the video

Find the videos on Instagram @fitness_outsidethebox or on Youtube at

Find more no equipment workouts here:

Step 4 & 5 - Workout, share, comment and leave feedback!

Like, Comment, share!

Like, Comment, share!